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American Trigger Pullers is a veteran owned and operated US-based small business.
We are rugged and rough men who have dirty minds and even filthier mouths. We love women, guns, alcohol, tattoos and America. We took an oath that we'll never surrender or leave a fallen comrade. We speak the brutal truth regardless of who it offends. We are the men that you send to kill the devil. We are American Trigger Pullers.
Everything we offer is designed and created in-house by us personally.
In addition to providing top-tier products, our goal is to raise awareness and funding for multiple veteran-related charity organizations such as:
You don't have to be a veteran to wear ATP products but you must respect and honor their sacrifices and love your country. 
Our designs are about the fighting spirit and dark humor in everything we do or have done.
Suicide Prevention and Interdiction Network (SPIN) is for Veterans Past and Present.  It is centered on reconnecting and providing a support net within our Veteran Community.
  • An average of 20-22 Veterans commit suicide each day
  • Suicide occurs within and after service
  • Veterans are more likely to commit suicide than civilians.
  • There is a disturbing correlation between young recruits and suicide.
Rangers Supporting Rangers (RSR) is Suicide Prevention and Interdiction Network (SPIN) for Rangers Past and Present.  It is centered on reconnecting and providing a support net within our Ranger Community.
As Rangers it is our Duty and Responsibility to police up our own, and let them know that no matter the struggle, they have a Ranger Buddy.  This website is designed to keep our shot group tight, and prevent one of our fellow Rangers from being any of the 22 suicides a day.