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At Airsoft Imports we pride ourselves on our vast variety of good quality airsoft guns. We stock all sorts of airsoft assault rifles including, M14, M16, SIG, G36, AK47, L85, etc. most are electric powered, but some are gas or HPA powered.  Some of the more professional airsoft guns have full metal receivers, and but some are made of plastic or polymer. The tactical assault rifles we have for sale are perfect for any skirmish. We have most well know brands from ICS, King Arms, Classic Army, S&T, G&G, WE, CYMA, A&K, and UMAREX etc for sale. Please bare in mind if you want to buy one of our black replica guns you will need a valid UKARA number or have a similar valid defence to be able to buy one as it's not possible for us to sell it to you without it.