Airsoft Surgeon Tokyo Marui Hi-cap 5.1/4.3/M1911 MEU Upgrade Complete Combo

Airsoft Surgeon

If you've ever experienced your loading nozzle breaking apart or cracking under pressure, you'll know how annoying it is to find a loading nozzle that will last. Well look no further, Airsoft Surgeon has produced a Super Hard Loading Nozzle with a Piston Head for the Marui Hi-Capa series.

The Complete Upgrade Combo also includes an enhanced slide spring decreasing the time needed for your slide to return to battery, and an enhanced hammer spring to give you a crisper hammer action.

It is suitable for use with Marui Hi-Cap 5.1 / 4.3 / M1911 MEU / WE MEU / Wilson Combat / HI-Capa.