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Xmas Gift Packages - Intermediate

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  • £399.95

Welcome to the second of our Xmas offers! This would suit someone stepping up from the beginner stage and wanting a little bit more from they're loadout.

The minimum saving on one of these boxes against rrp is £142!!!

You can choose from one of each of the following:

Rifles -

E&L ELAR M4A1 AEG ELITE (rrp £320.00)

WE 888C AEG (rrp £340.00)

WE MSK ACR AEG Tan (Crane Stock) (rrp £340.00)


Pistols -

* Armorer Works 1911 Evil Skulls Pistol (rrp £130.00)

* Armorer Works 1911 Molon Labe Pistol (rrp £130.00)


Nuprol Hard Case (wave foam) RRP £68.00 - 

* Black

* Green

* Grey

* Tan


All packages will also include:

* 1x Nuprol speed loader (rrp £6.50)

* 1x Draft Club 0.25g BB's (rrp £8.50)

* 1x Abbey Predator Vortex Gas (rrp £8.95)


** Average box value is £540-560.**