British Airsoft Club (Registered Retailer)

BAC are an independent, not for profit organisation.  The administrators are Malcolm McDonnell and Sandra McDonnell.  We also have a web development team, administration team and advertising team.  The BAC is directed by a Steering Group.  They are a group of volunteers who are knowledgeable and experienced members of the airsoft industry. The BAC also has a group of volunteer player representatives who are located throughout the country.

The founders will ensure that the organisation runs well, that the website keeps evolving and that the decisions of the steering group and the airsoft community are carried out.

The BAC aim to be inclusive and fair to everyone and we aim to incorporate all aspects of the airsoft community. This is why we have set up a non-profit organisation that will reinvest into the sport.  We have some exciting plans to evolve the website to make it more inclusive and intuitive for players, retailer and airsoft sites.

Malcolm McDonnell and Sandra McDonnell, Administrators

British Airsoft Club

The British Airsoft Club is the trading name of Airsoft Club Limited, company number 8893016, a not for profit limited company.


The British Airsoft Club Steering Group

The BAC is pleased to announce that the BAC Steering Group comprises of the following members.  As the BAC becomes more established, there will be an opportunity for members to vote for additional Steering Group members. 

Kenny, Airborne Airsoft, Airsoft Site Representative

Kim, C3 Tatical, Airsoft Site Representative

Martin, Airsoft Site Representative

John, Independent Advisor


Chris, Re-enactors Representative


Richard, Players Representative


Simon, Retailer Representative


The BAC Player Representatives

Richard, Players Representative Coordinator and South of England Player Representative



Connor,  Southwest England Player Representative



Mark,  Northern Ireland Player Representative



Steven,  Northern Ireland Player Representative