Two Toning & Custom Paintwork

Here at Airsoft Imports we are very lucky to benefit from two openly available paint options:

a) In house two toning service

This can be offered on any RIF and is offered for an additional £15. Time to complete is normally one week (dependant on work schedules). We will not let a RIF leave the bench unless it's 100%. In other words, if it takes longer... it's because we're ensuring the work is worth the wait. 

b) External paint shop

We also work very closely with a local paint shop run by a local airsofter. His workmanship is amazing, professional and can be ordered to suit your preference. Want a 'Lone Survivor' load out? No problems, this shop can cover any requirement.  


To enquire further about our paint services, contact us now for a free quotation on 01691 700 101 or email