AlphaFire 1Q Wireless Detonator Set


his is a great piece of kit if you are looking to set a cunning trap, making you completely in control of when and how you use it with the handy remote control. Messy wires that can give away your position are a thing of the past! The beauty of this package is it's simplicity and ease of use - just hold down the learn button for three seconds then press the desired trigger button on your transmitter and hey-presto you are set-up and ready to go. Now all you need to do is connect up the electric pyro of your choice and wait for that perfect moment to spring your trap from afar, and giggle to yourself as you watch them walking off to the dead zone!

Up to 200 meters range!
 Easy to pair detonator to remote, takes 30 seconds.
 Immediate detonation on button press from transmitter.
 Simply connect pyro connecting wires onto squeeze terminals of detonator receiver (we suggest buying ZEROPY008 so you don't blow the device up with the explosion or smoke heat).
 Pair an unlimited amount of detonators to one remote key for simultaneous detonations!
 These devices even work from one end of our urban site to the other!
 Great for ambushes or diversions!
 Realistic modern replacement for claymores.
 Transmitter has a sliding safety cover, with 1 fire button.