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ASG MK43 Commando (M60E4) With Electric box Magazine

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The M60E4/Mk43 is an authentic full metal electric machine gun licensed by the real manufacturer, U.S.Ordnance, USA. This is an upgraded and modernized version of the classic M60, designed for the US Special Forces. It has a compact look but a rock solid feeling to it and it has adjustable Hop-up and rear sight. This version has front rails for mounting tactical equipment. On the front you find a fully functional bipod and the 7.62 cartridge belt is included for that extra realistic look. The gearbox features a quick spring change design, allowing easy adjustment of the muzzle velocity, to accommodate mission requirements and range regulations. The machine gun comes with an auto winding 4000 rd. box magazine, which uses a motor driven system to provide a constant feed of BB’s. Making it capable of fulfilling the role of a support weapon, just like the real steel version.

Quick change spring design
Auto winding 4000 rd. magazine
Dummy 7.62 cartridge belt
Built-in bipod
Front rail system w. handgrip
Fully licensed by U.S Ordnance


Barrel length:380mm/15,2inch

Mag. Capacity:4000 rounds


Standard Mag.:16991

Hop Up Type:Adjustable



Energy:1,3 Joule