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ASP OTs-03 SVU AEG Bullpup sniper

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The OTs-03 is a bullpup configuration SVU SVD Dragunov sniper rifle.

The SVU has been developed to meet the needs of the security forces of the Russian Interior Ministry, as OMON.

SVU was seen in use in the first Chechen war.
Originally, the plan was to modernize the SVD slightly aging, but the designers have finally realized that the weapon configuration should be completely changed, leading to the creation of SVU. ASP / Jing gong we are pleased to have played airsoft electric version. The replica is equipped with an integrated bipod that is whether to use as we see fit.
It is composed of a full metal body and folding patterns. It also comes with a 8.4V stick battery and charger.
The replica comes with a Hi-cap magazine (120 balls in the manual) but we managed to put + - 180 balls. The hop-up chamber is metal with super easy setup and works very well with the 650mm gun, the flame cache is with reverse thread 14mm (CCW). Mechanically, the replica is running in Lipo 11.1V 7.4V, 9.6V and 8.4V NIMH, the gearbox is equipped with metal bushing 7mm (8pcs) 4 SVD real sword type gear, a guide spring V3 on turnover, a type of cylinder PSG1, (so for attention modification has taken a PSG spring.) The fire selector is similar to the metal dragunov. After a good comprehensive test, the replica was + - 440FPS in 0.20gr with a regular shot and a range of + - 65m in 0.30gr and long-range precision that surprised us for an out of the box. For an optical assembly, you can opt for the dragunov window or place the support referred AK / SVD (ref: CM-ACC-C39) to place a telescope or red dot of your choice. WARNING SVD Telescope on not included photos)

Other model Hop-up Yes, adjustable Black color Electric propulsion Type Sniper Power 440 FPS Material ABS , Full Metal 6mm caliber weight 3840gr length 925mm 6.08mm internal diameter 8.55mm OD Length of the inner barrel 650mm Shooting mode Security + Blow - by-blow + free Rafale No blowback No Recoil Shock Bolt No Catch Gearbox SVD 4 gears , metal Bushing 7mm Original Engine Torque Compatible Battery Type Stick / Stick, Stick LiPo Type , Type LiPo Tube, Type Staff Capacity ~ 180 balls Stick Format Voltage 8.4V 1100mAh capacity rechargeable Yes