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This rifle may be advanced, but that doesn't mean that you have to be in order to shoot one. The Beretta ARX160 Advanced AEG offers a variety of reasons to be your first airsoft gun. Aside the from the affordable price, accessible for most budgets, this airsoft rifle features easy to use fire controls and the ability to fire in semi and full-auto mode. Despite a unique and edgy appearance, the Beretta ARX160 Advanced AEG maintains the compatibility of using highly common M4 magazines so that you and your M4 buddies can share magazines if either needs a spare during games. High strength polymer body and one-piece outer barrel means durability won't be an issue. With all that open rail space, there's no excuse not to attach your favorite flashlight, laser, and/or red dot optic. Step up your game with the licensed Beretta ARX160 Advanced AEG!