Cyber Gun FNX-45 Tactical GGB Pistol


The pistol is an Accurate Replica of the real pistol, all the way down to the Trademarks, with the same Trademarks as the real thing. The pistol features a Gas Blowback Mechanism, meaning as the pistol is fired the Slide is propelled backwards to simulate Recoil. The pistol features a Two-Stage trigger, meaning that the Pistol can be pre-cocked for a faster first shot, and with each trigger pull the hammer is pulled back and released. The Pistol also features the same safety features as the real thing, with a Trigger Disconnect Safety, meaning that when safety is on the trigger is disconnected from the internal Firing Mechanism to prevent the accidental discharge of the weapon. The front of the Pistol features a Pistol Rail, allowing the Attachment of Torches and Lasers, and the top features a removable plate which allows the attachment of Red Dot, RMR and DR Sights for quicker target acquisition. The grip of the Pistol is textured, meaning extra grip in wet conditions, and even for those wearing Gloves. The weapon also features Ambidextrous features, with an Ambidextrous Slide Release, Safety Switch and Magazine Release making it great for both Left and Right Handed Shooters. This perfect is pistol for those looking for the ultimate in Modern Pistols, or for those who are looking for a Pistol with a huge variety of features.


  • Fully Licenced for FN Herstal by Cybergun
  • Gas Blowback Airsoft 6mm BB Pistol
  • High Quality Replica
  • Removable Top Plate for attaching RMR / Dr Sights
  • Ambidextrous Slide Release, Safety Switch and Magazine Release
  • Trigger Disconnect Safety
  • Front Pistol Rail for Torches and Lasers
  • Textured Grip for Glove Users
  • Adjustable Back Straps
  • Locks back when Empty
  • Threaded Outer Barrel
  • Raised Suppressor Sight
  • Dual Action Trigger
  • Full Metal Slide
  • Rear Lanyard Loop Point
  • Unique Serial Number
  • Branded:
    • '.45 ACP'
    • 'FNH USA Fredericksburg VA. MADE IN USA'
    • 'FNX-45 TACTICAL'