Double Eagle M309 Pump Action Single Shot Shotgun


Double Eagle - M309 Pump Action Single Shot Shotgun - Black is a Cheap Budget Airsoft 6mm BB Gun Shotgun, which is a great purchase for a bit of fun or as a crazy secondary weapon for CQB. The shotgun is constructed entirely from Polymer, and fires a single BB for every pump, and features a full length top rail for Sights, Torches and other attachments. The Shotgun features a trigger lock safety which is easily accessible with one hand whilst holding the weapon, and a rear sling swivel for attaching Basic Slings for carrying. The shotgun comes with a 14rnd box style magazine, it makes a great secondary weapon for CQB. The weapon also features an adjustable hop-up system to the right of the gun, which adds range and accuracy to the weapon by imparting spin on the BB before it travels down the barrel. This shotgun is the perfect purchase for anyone looking for a little something extra to add to their basket, or for those who want a bit of fun for a low price.

  • Single Shot Shotgun
  • Pump Action System
  • 1x Magazine Included