Enola Gaye FRAG Field BB Grenade


FRAG Field BB Grenade

A completely new 'Grenade' from the floor up..

The FRAG grenade now carries a huge volume of clay pellets, giving the product more weight for improved throwing distance & increased spread range.

We listened to the customer, one key comment about our old product was it never spread content. So with this in mind we went back to the drawing board, where could we start? 1st step we designed a bigger unit, 2nd step we increase the amount of content! And now with the best of both worlds, we have a bigger unit & with a shed load more fill. The MkII is the new iPhone 5, bigger, better & has more content!

The shell has grown, so much so that the old grenade fits inside! The last shell looked great, but new shells looks the nuts

its a great grenade for your airsoft or paintball skirmishing battles.

Enola Gaye have made this as biodegradable as possible, the FRAG grenade is very popular with both PAINTBALL & AIRSOFT sites because of it natural clay fill & paper construction, making it 100% bio-degradable