H&K G36 C IDZ Assault Rifle

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Heckler & Koch G36 C IDZ Assault Rifle Replica

A licensed HK G36 C replica from IDZ series. The replica was made from a high quality, durable polymer. Metal parts include small items such as the trigger or assembly pins.

High quality of materials used guarantees high durability of the product and thanks to the license granted by German Heckler&Koch GmbH, a manufacturer of live firearms, allows the user to feast his eyes with original markings placed on the replica. Next generation stock is regulated in length and features a regulated cheek pad.

The carbine is equipped with a long, 22mm, top RIS mounting rail, which allows for attachment of various optical sights. The handguard features 3 22mm RIS mounting rails. The battery is stored inside the handguard – which can be easily disassembled by removing a single assembly pin.

The replica features an innovative power system. The heart of the replica is an electric GB made from durable polymer. However, if necessary, the replica can become a spring-action replica! One needs only to pull the cocking handle before each shot.