LCK74 NV Assault Rifle Replica

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LCK74 NV Assault Rifle Replica

A replica of one of the most famous constructions of the Soviet technological ingenuity – an assault rifle based on the original design by Michaił Kałasznikov, in a 1991 modified version.

The replica was made from highest quality components with utmost care for details and representation of the original. Almost entire replica, except for some small elements, was made from steel. The exceptions are the polymer pistol grip, the front cradle and stock.

The replica is very durable due to the nature of the materials used and quality of workmanship. There are no loose spots or imprecisions in execution or fitting of the parts. The entire construction appears as a single, solid element. Internal parts, on the other hand, allow for easy tuning, whilst providing long and problem-free operation at stock configuration.

Guaranteed by the replica, the muzzle velocity of approximately 400 FPS makes this an ideal assault rifle. Both the durability and quality of workmanship allow this replica to be used not only during standard airsoft games, but also as a prop or simulation weapon.

All in all, this LCT replica is an ideal choice for every airsoft enthusiast.

The set includes:

-          Replica

-          Magazine


Name:Manufacturer:Warranty:Velocity [FPS]:Propulsion / Powered by:Gearbox version:Type of fire:Made of:Lenght [mm]:Inner barrel length [mm]:Weight [g]:Magazine type:Magazine capacity [pcs]:Hop-Up:Blow Back:Battery included:

Replika karabinka LCK74M NV


12 months



v3 Gearbox

Single, auto

Steel + wood + plastic




Hi-Cap magazine


Yes, adjustable