LCT - M60 VN Steel (Limited Edition)

LCT Airsoft

LCT - M60 VN Steel

10 kgs of full steel 7.62mm Machine gun in airsoft form, Thats what you get with a limited edition LCT M60 VN! This AEG has the flick down vented bipod, Folding top carry handle,  the "similar real grip", New gearbox design, Manganese Phosphate finish and a new hop up design to produce the king of all airsoft support weapons.


- 1:1 Scale

- Steel Construction

- Original Markings

- it’s the most realistic M60 replica on the market

- 10 Kilo's in Weight, That's Right 10 Kilo's

- 1090mm in Length

- 1300 Round Magazine

LCT Externals
LCT AEG's are made from a heady mix of Steel, wood and aluminium, They are extremely well finished with a hard wearing coating that is more resistant to wear and tear than normal Airsoft AK's with excellent and realistic colour matching. Many  High end AK's from other manufacturers are actually made by LCT.
LCT internals
Straight out of the box LCT's have a range of improved and upgraded features in comparison to a standard Airsoft AEG.
  • These can include:
  • Ribbed Aluminium cylinder
  • Aluminium cylinder head with double O-ring.
  • Plastic nozzle with O-ring,
  • Polycarbonate Piston with steel teeth.
  • Aluminium Piston head.
These componants give you superior performance from the get go. Please note that internal specification is subject to change from batch to batch.
LCT Airsoft
The compan has been involved in the airsoft business since 2004 and specialise in Machining and tooling. They also produce a range of M4's & AK's and are famous for their highly accurate M60 Machine gun.