Valken V Tactical VT HI-CAPA CO2 Blowback Metal - Black


The Valken V Tactical VT HI-CAPA is an airsoft pistol that is powered by CO2. It features a full metal build to make use of the pistol more unique. The metal construction gives the pistol itself a more realistic feel and weight. Not only does it feel solid, it is still lightweight enough to use and run around with! This pistol is great for CQB, but will still give you an advantage when you are playing at an outdoor field. In addition to the realistic weight, it features a realistic blowback slide. This means that with each shot, the slide will "blow back" as a real pistol would, making it all the more reason to use it! It also features textured, polymer grips to ensure that the user has a tight and solid grip on their pistol.


Action: Safe/Semi Auto
Power/Type: GBB
Length: 9"

Weight: 2.5 lbs
Material: Metal/Polymer
Barrel: 139mm
Sights: Front & Adjustable Rear Iron Sights
Hop up: Yes, Adjustable
Magazine Capacity: 26 rds
Recommended BBs Brand: Any high quality BB's
Caliber: 6mm

- Polymer Grip
- Metal Frame
- Aluminum Alloy Slide
- Adjustable Rear Sight
- Adjustable Hopup
- Realistic Blowback