SC Ghilli

Viper Pro Hood - the highest quality modular masking system. Unique cut and the best material available on the market, put it on the top of the line of tactical tailoring in our country and not only. Precise execution and Suitable production technology allow for a long-term usage of masking under different tactical and field conditions without any signs of material usage.

Modern masking stuffing mounting system Guarantees Appropriate usage ergonomics of maskhalat Regardless of the surrounding structure. This allows the preparation of a fully professional masking system matching the realities of the modern, asymmetrical battlefield.

Advanced drawstring system used in the construction and the universal size allows for the perfect adjustment of maskhalat to the body and the user's equipment. In Addition, an innovative compression system used in the construction of maskhalat allows for an instant reduction of the outfit's size to carry it in the transport position without usage of any additional covers / cases.

A properly designed hood cut and materials used in its manufacture guarantee maximum comfort irrespective of used headgear, Including ballistic helmets and helmets.

Application of the 100% synthetic and professional tactical materials for the production of this outfit has created a ultra-light masking system, Which even after the Imposition of stuffing allows for the dynamic conduct of combat operations.

The standard stuffing masking is applied in the matching colors to our climate zone in the spring-summer / autumn-winter season. You can also order the masking in the universal colors or the ones specially developed by the customer.


Review: Gear Inferno.IT