WELL MB03-Black


MB03 is a replica referring in its construction to replicas of TM and HFC companies called VSR.
This Sniper draws a lot from the Remington 700 design but is not its exact this same.

Another sniper offered by the Chinese manufacturer, which already has a demountable cylinder which gives the opportunity to modification it, although the factory default power of this rifle is 420 FPS!
It consists of two basic parts: an ABS body and a metal barrel assembly with a lock and a trigger assembly.
A big atribute is a metal ris that allows you to mount any optics. In addition, in the front of the body there is a RIS rail that allows you to mount a bipod. 

It is a spring replica. (spring replicas require each time reloading (spring tension) before firing).

The replica has no mechanical sights.

Set include:

* replica
* 3x25 rounds magazines
* 1x speed loader