R4 replica made of high quality ABS. Outer barrel, sights, guides flask, trigger, RIS rails and selector lever are made of metal. The body, profiled pistol grip and the stock is made of high quality ABS. A replica can be used as a side weapon and in the competition as CQB. There is the possibility of installing additional accessories on RIS rails (collimator and laser pointer). Gun has a telescoping stock and folding front grip. R4 is equipped with mechanical sights (rear and front sight) and folding sights that are adjustable 

Set included:
* replica R4
* Magazine
* battery 7,2V 450mAh
* battery charger

Weight: 1440 g
Color: black
Length: 385-590 mm
Material: ABS, aluminum
Fire mode: auto, single
Length of internal barrel: 180 mm
Diameter of Internal barrel: 6.08 mm
Magazine model: low-cap
Magazine capacity: 23 BBs
Magazine material: ABS, steel
Muzzle velocity: 200 fps
Muzzle energy: 0.45 J
Accumulator included in set: YES
Accumulator voltage: 7.2 V
Accumulator capacitance: 450mAh mAh
Accumulator type: cube
Accumulator type: NiMH
Gearbox version: dedicated
Bearings type: polycarbonate sliding