Zoxna 40mm Gas Grenada 120 rnd- full metal


The Zoxna 40mm Airsoft grenade ::

Bringing a touch of colour and class to the 40mm airsoft grenade market, the Zoxna 40mm has an enhanced and simple to use design.

Simply fill with up to 120 airsoft BB's, Press down on thhe gas nozzle to lock it in place, Fill it with gas, pop it in your launcher and you are good to go!

No need to faff about with intricate reloading procedures or reseating the the release button on the bottom, just press and go!

This is a "shower" type grenade and shows significant spread when fired, giving you maximum dispersion and coverage up to 15mm when fired level from the shoulder. In our testing using 0.20g BB's, the "cloud" released can reach as far as 30 metres! When lofted, greater range can be acheived.

Consider using 0.12g BB for even more dispersion to cover an even wider area.


Type - 40mm metal grenade

Capacity - 120 airsoft BB's

Power - Green Gas

Range - 15 Metres

Reliable and Simple mechanism